Who We Are

Your ResultsCFO team understands your needs and requirements as a business owner because we are and have been business owners. We have worked with businesses and organization of all sizes, in all stages of development, and in many different industries. ResultsCFO is results and value driven in our client relationships. We steer you toward profitable, sustained success by creating a customized game plan for your business that consists of meeting challenges, providing proactive recommendations, performing oversight, interpreting your numbers and delivering valuable insight with the singular focus of increasing the value of your business.   We do this utilizing a customized, fixed monthly fee, based on your needs and budget.  

Working with ResultsCFO will provide you high return on your investment due to our:

  • Customized services designed for your business or organization
  • Capabilities and resources
  • Breadth and depth of:
    • knowledge
    • experience
    • expertise
    • skill set
    • contacts and network
  • Implementations of time-tested systems and processes
  • Affordability

How can ResultsCFO help my business?

Go from the lower case ceo, the chief “everything” officer to the upper-case CEO, the Chief Executive Officer

We offer a suite of customizable services and products designed and focused to increase the value of your business.

If you are like most business owners, you have a job at a company you also happen to own. If you are tired of wearing all the hats for your business, we can help. Our customized solutions will help you maximize your cash potential, increase efficiency and profitability and grow your company in a controlled and effective manner.  We look at your business as a whole and collaboratively make sure all of its components interact effectively and efficiently. You will benefit from quality and professional expertise to ensure your company's long-term success.

ResultsCFO is committed to:

  • provide your business with a secret weapon to compete, thrive and dominate your marketplace
  • expose the hidden financial reality of your business
  • transform your raw data into business intelligence for smart, results-based decisions
  • guide you to smarter, results-based conclusions when evaluating performance, profitability and success
  • reveal quickly and accurately the actual and usable facts and figures of your business, such as cash flow, profit margins and value.

Untangling the numbers for smarter business decisions™ is not only our mantra, but the mantra of  business owners who demand results to compete, thrive and dominate their market. Integrating business intelligence, metrics and cutting-edge technology, our innovative approach, focusing on the key drivers of your business, allows our team of professionals to work closely with you to develop a strategic action plan tailored to your business. Your ResultsCFO Team is there every step of the way applying our experience, expertise and relationships to implement, measure and refine customized strategies and tactics to realize your company's goals.

Differentiating Factors between ResultsCFO and…

CPA Firms

  • Historian – worried about the past
  • Focus on internal audits, financial reviews, and taxes
  • Core business does not focus on operational accounting services (“write-up” services)
  • Fee structure is hourly; rates are significantly higher due to overhead costs of the firm
  • High Cost and Low Value Proposition

CFO for Hire Companies

  • One person “CFO for Hire” model versus a customized team
  • Provide short-term or one-time project services; not focused on developing an on-going relationship with the client
  • Function as an accounting placement/temp agency
  • Fee structure is hourly or project based and based on the highest-level service provider; not based on results
  • High Cost à Low Value Proposition


  • One person performing data entry
  • Lack depth, expertise, and resources needed in today’s business world
  • Have limited capabilities
  • Low Cost àLow Value Proposition