Our Process

How we work with you and your business

We work with our clients in a collaborative manner driven by results.  Acting as both coach and advisor, we are able to utilize our experiences and skill sets to interpret your company’s numbers and provide valuable actionable insight so you can make more informed smarter decisions in your business. 

Just as we do with our internal teams, we work with our clients on incremental improvements over time.  We understand the power of “compounding.”  By focusing on incremental improvements, companies like yours are able to double even triple the value of their business in a short period.  Some of clients have even increased the value of their business by 8.7 times (link to case study of Acme Manufacturing) in a 3 year period. 

We understand that in today’s world of instant gratification, it is hard to take this approach; but we can’t argue with the results.  We are there for you, to keep you on the path to achieve success as you have defined it. 

We utilize a team approach to provide high quality service to our clients.  This allows for the best-suited person in our organization to lead the team for every client engagement.  Our team leader then chooses their team from a number of qualified and professional associates to best represent your business and to provide BIG results for you.  This team approach has created raving fans that have spurred our growth.

We understand and embrace the new economy and the 21st century way of doing business.  Focusing on the distinction between be good goals and be better goals, we are not stuck with 20th century business models.  Be good goals lend themselves to complacency and stagnation, while be better goals lead to the development of new skill sets that foster growth and enthusiasm.

ResultsCFO 's application of be better goals center around adaptability, innovation and creativity, providing our clients with new, fresh and exciting opportunities from a cutting-edge perspective, allowing them to lead the way in the new economy and business environment.  

To achieve be better goals, the ResultsCFO  team members are constantly striving to improve.  We are always assessing our team members, our systems and procedures and the way we conduct ourselves as a company.  We seek out, expect and welcome honest and constructive feedback from our clients, strategic partners and peers.  Utilizing this model, not only do we grow as a company, but we are better suited to become a trusted member of your team.

Just as we work with our clients to grow and improve, we are constantly striving to be better every day.  We continually educate ourselves to improve our technical expertise and financial knowledge to better serve you and your business.  If we are able to improve just 1% a day, we are able to provide superior services and products to you and your business.  

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