MVB Coaching

"Everyone needs a coach" Bill Gates

A good coach will work with their client to identify the specific areas they are looking to improve and provide actionable insight that helps them get there.

Coaching is a tool to help you achieve your goals, and the approach the coach uses to do so is critical.

At ResultsCFO we use a proprietary, yet time-tested method to help you, the business owner, make the improvements necessary to achieve the business of your dreams. 

Our program focuses on creating your Most Valuable Business (MVB).  We address the key areas most businesses struggle with and identify your personalized action plan to improve each area.

We start with assessing the current health of your business using our proprietary Vital Sign Score (VSS).   This score uses a blend of financial metrics and business analytics to determine the current pulse of the business.  The VSS is the first step to highlighting our path toward improving growth, profitability and cash flow. 

In addition to identifying an action plan to improve financial indicators, we guide you through the hardest improvement of all, mindset, and help you shift out of the day to day grind of your business in order to be a true CEO. 

Everyone seems to know the pieces, but the challenge is bringing it all together and truly implementing and executing the shifts to make lasting change.  The MVB Game Plan can help you do just that.

As Tom Landry put it,…”[coaching] is getting someone to do what they don't want to do, [so they can] achieve what they want to achieve.”

We work with our clients in several ways:

My Valuable Business

1-on-1 Coaching

This includes 24 sessions with a ResultsCFO coach. During these sessions, we will dive into your specific issues, identify the current state of your business and lay out your goals.

We will work together to develop a “game plan” to build your valuable business and hold you accountable to take action on each step of the plan.

Starting at $1,250 per month

My Valuable Business


The Bootcamp format includes 8 strategic, small group sessions with two ResultsCFO coaches. We guide the group through the process of identifying their issues and developing their MVB Game Plan. 

Each session focuses on a different improvement area where participants can learn, ask questions, and brainstorm with each other.  

The Bootcamp structure is best for business owners ready to focus and implement their MVB Game Plan quickly to see results.

Cost:  $5,000

My Valuable Business

Group Coaching

The Group Coaching format is a year-long program consisting of two sessions per month with ResultsCFO coaches.  Each month, we guide the group through each area of the MVB Game Plan providing time for learning, implementing, and asking questions. 

We will hold you accountable to implement the action items identified and support you in making these key shifts. 

$900 per month

Other Services

At the end of any of our coaching programs you may want to continue to work with us and use our accounting department to keep your finances in order or our CFO services to ensure you have the right financial support going forward.

To get started on MVB Coaching, here’s what you can do next:

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